Program Process

Step 1

We highly recommend that prospective Davis clients and/or their family members – especially parents – read The Gift of Dyslexia.  Reading the book is the best way to get a sense of whether a Davis program is the right choice, and will also help provide an understanding as the logic and reasons behind each of the Davis tools.

Parents of children who have arranged for programs for math, attention focus, or handwriting might also want to read The Gift of Learningwhich describes the steps followed by

Davis Facilitators to address problems in each of those areas.



Step 2

Find a Licensed Davis Facilitator

You will find a list of Licensed Davis Facilitators on the Davis®Method site.

Step 3

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation can be provided in English or in Afrikaans. The purpose of the consultation is to determine whether the Davis Program is the acceptable program for the client's learning difficulty.  During the consultation, the facilitator will work through a symptoms profile, whereby the client rates him/herself in various categories. This helps the facilitator get a better idea of problem areas. It is also an ideal time for the potential client to set some workable goals that they would like to achieve during the program.

The facilitator will also determine whether the client is motivated enough to address their learning problems with the Davis methods. Thereafter the facilitator will do a Perceptual Ability assessment with the client. The purpose of this assessment is to determine which of the two Davis approaches will be best for the client.  The Initial Consultation takes between one and a half to two hours and is suitable for children age 7 to adults.

The result of the assessment is discussed at the end, but we do not provide a written report. If you require a written report, we recommend a full educational assessment provided by an Educational Psychologist.

If our Davis assessment indicates that you would benefit from using the Davis methods, you can at your leisure decide to sign up for a full program. You may want to do the free on-line Davis assessment right now, which will give you an immediate indication of whether our program is likely to benefit you.

Step 4

Book the program with your Licensed Davis Facilitator

Step 5

Post Program Support training and post-program work

On the last day of the program, a support person will be trained to help the client complete the work that needs to be done. The support person can be a parent, teacher, tutor or au-pair. This person needs to be 100% committed to the post-program work. Post-program work consists of:

  • Completion of the 217 trigger words through the Davis Symbol Mastery™ process.  This can be completed according to the schedule set by the facilitator and the client during the week of the program.
  • Continue to do Koosh ball exercises daily.
  • A continuation of the three sets of reading exercises.

I offer trigger word classes on a Tuesday afternoon for those clients who can not manage to do them at home. This is done in a group set-up but one-on-one classes are also available if necessary.

Step 6

Post-Program follow up

Follow-up: The client will leave the program with all of the tools, understanding, and materials necessary to implement the program into their everyday lives and achieve positive results. Davis Symbol Mastery of 219 “trigger words” (those words that do not have a visual image) is an essential part of the correction of Dyslexia.

Support: At Cognitive Learning we aim to see each client that has gone through a Davis program, satisfied with their results. To ensure this satisfaction and additional 6 hours of consultation time is provided. This can be via telephone, skype, email or three two-hour face-to-face consultations.


We request the courtesy of at least 24-hour notice to reschedule or cancel an appointment. This allows adequate time to assign this appointment to another client who is in need of this appointment time.

If an appointment is cancelled, rescheduled or missed with less than 24 hour notice, a 50% "broken appointment" fee will be charged.