Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Davis Correction® Program +

The first step is to do an assessment to determine if the Davis Correction® Program is a suitable solution for their specific learning disability.

Based on the outcome of the assessment, the appropriate program will be suggested and the client will:

  • Complete a one-on-one 30 hour program provided by a qualified Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator.
  • Be provided with tools to help them:
    • Correct distorted perceptions that cause symptoms of dyslexia
    • Control their energy levels
    • Control their anxiety levels.
  • Use their strong visual skills, to master the upper-and-lower -case alphabet. This will help them see the differences between confusing letters
  • Learn how to track, sequence and process letters to improve their reading.
  • Be given a list of trigger words that they will master through a creative, multi-sensory facilitation process.
  • Lastly, support training is given to an individual that would help the client implement the program in their everyday live.
What makes the Davis Method different from any other reading programs? +
  • Written by a Dyslexic, for Dyslexics.
  • Addresses the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.
  • The Davis Method does not rely on phonics based instruction.
  • The Davis Method does not enforce repetition or drill.
  • The Davis method does not rely on physical devices such as colored overlays or large print books.
  • It is an extensive, one-on-one 30 or 48 hour program and does not require indefinite weekly consultations.
  • The Davis Method does not rely on medication or herbal treatments.
  • The Davis Method ensures lasting results that are grounded in evidence based research.
  • It is a facilitation process that works with each client's individual needs and uses their creativity to master concepts.
  • We empower people to limit their difficulties and enhance their dyslexic gifting.
What is Davis Orientation Counselling? +

When dyslexic people make mistakes in reading or spelling, it is because they are experiencing disorientation, which results in distorted perceptions. Davis Orientation Counseling is one of the Davis tools that will help a person to recognize and control disorientations and distorted perception.

What is Davis Symbol Mastery? +

Davis Symbol Mastery™ is a method developed to utilize the visual thinker’s strong 3D skills. The client works with plasticine clay to form a 3D shape of all letters of the alphabet as well as a list of words that have been identified to cause confusion and is at the root of the learning difficulties the client experiences on a daily basis. Once these confusions are detected, they would be mastered following the Davis methods.

Are the Davis Methods supported by research ? +

For a list of Davis research articles go to www.dyslexia.com/research/

Why should the different programs only be facilitated by a licensed Davis Facilitator? +

A licensed Davis Facilitator is required to complete a minimum of 400 training hours. The licensed Facilitators has an in-depth knowledge of the Davis Methods. Davis Dyslexia Association International has a very high level of excellence that each licensed facilitator adheres to.

What is the success rate of a Davis Correction® Program? +
2004 Study of 120 Individuals

Reading Progress Pie Chart

Bar chart- reading improvement

These reported results are consistent with earlier data reported by the Smiths in 2004, for the initial 120 clients tracked.


Reference: www.dyslexia.com
Are the Davis Programs only for children of school going age? +

The various Davis Programs are for children (from age 8) and adults.

What are the basic outlines of the Davis Programs? +

Davis Dyslexia help for all ages
Handwriting correction might need an additional day.
Image source: www.gifteddyslexic.com 
What is the cost of a Davis Correction® Program? +
Professional Service Duration Cost
Assessment to determine if the program is suitable (Can be conducted over Skype if needed) 2 hours R1 200
Davis Dyslexia Correction® (To improve reading, writing and spelling) 30 hours (5 days) POR*
Davis Math Mastery™ 48 hours (8 days) POR*
Davis Attention Mastery™

(Improves ADD/ADHD symptoms)

48 hours (8 days) POR*


*POR - Price On Request
Why are the costs of the the Davis Correction® Programs so high? +

Each program is tailored to the specific needs of the client. They will receive an amount of individual hours that range from 30 - 48 hours from a highly qualified Davis Facilitator. The fee works out to R770.00 per hour for undivided individual attention.

Michele completed her training under the guidance and instruction of two of the top Davis Specialist in the World.

Lorna Timms - Director, Davis Autism International; Davis Supervisor-Specialist & Advanced Workshop Presenter; Autism Training Supervisor, & Workshop Presenter. Based in New Zealand.

Axel Gudmundsson - Director of Gifted Dyslexic and Capella House School, Davis facilitator and Gift of Dyslexia workshop presenter.

Michele completed a minimum of 400 hours before licensing.