Advantages of Being Dyslexic


So often parents of children with learning differences like Dyslexia, have to hear all the negative aspects of their child’s diagnosis. But there are so many advantages of being dyslexic. 

Each dyslexic is different and I am sure, if you had to think of the strengths and talents of your child, you would be able to add to the list. The list below is just to name a few.


 Dyslexic Talents.

  • They are visual thinkers. This allows them to process a great deal of information at high speed and with accuracy.
  • Great problem-solvers and sees the bigger picture.
  • Good Trouble-shooters.
  • Hard working and persistent.
  • Sees patterns and similarities that others might miss.
  • Sensitivity for visual anomalies that could be useful in the field of science. For example Dyslexic, Nobel prize winner, Scientists  Carole Greider and Baruj Benacerraf
  • Excellent reasoning skills.
  • Spatially talented. Many dyslexics are employed as engineers, architects, designers, artists, mathematicians.
  • Very creative – Talented in art, drama, music, sports, mechanics, story-telling, sales, business, designing, building, or engineering
  • Entrepreneurial qualities.
  • They are more curious than others.
  • Have vivid imaginations.
  • Likes to “tinker”
  • Has high IQ.
  • Excellent long-term memory for experiences, locations, and faces.
  • Dreamers with no limits.
  • They have a high sense of individualism. They don’t conform to the norm.

You just have to look at the image with the long list of famous dyslexics, to know the valuable part they play in making our world a better and more interesting place.